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How to Help Someone With Depression

Why I am open about my depression, I get lots of emails from people who are worried about a loved one who is struggling. How can I help you? ask.

Well, that is a really difficult question to answer, because most of the voltache I don’t really know how to help myself. The nature of depression is to drain energy and hope from the body, leaving us feeling helpless and alone.

Having said that, that feeling that can be overcome with empathy and compassion for others.

About six months into my marriage, I started to go through a really intense episode of depression. Amazing conversion low refunds felt like a thick cloud of gloom had settled over me and Ibegan to withdraw from others-including my wife, Kim.

Of course, Kim noticed the difference and tried everything he could to help me. But I insisted that I didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to be left alone.

One day, Kim came to me and asked if we go on a walk. I gave a grunt and nod we went out, holding hands. Not long into our walk, Kim said this: “Seth, I feel as if there was something inside of you that keeps you away from me. I do not know how to help you, “she then stopped and put both hands on the sides of my face. “But I want you to know that I don’t go nowhere, OK? I am here for you. And even when you don’t love yourself, I want you to know that I love you. “

I Looked At Kim. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. My heart softened, and suddenly, the sadness did not feel stronger. You see, depression insecrecy butshrinks thrives in empathy.

Obviously, there is a fine line between loving someone and allowing them to someone. After that time with my wife, we had lots of conversations about what we could do to address and overcome depression.–together.But empathy is what opened the door to those conversations. As soon as I felt safe, I felt that I was able to open and explore the help options (professional and otherwise).

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Arianna Talks ‘Thrive’ And Hillary Clinton With CNN’s Jake Tapper

Arianna has discussed his new book “Thrive: 3rd success metrics of redefinition and create a life of prosperity, wisdom and wonder” with CNN’S Jake Tapper Friday, reflecting on how his principles could benefit from Hillary Clinton.

Deal with his efforts to maintain a balanced life in a world that is increasingly competitive and consumed by the pursuit of money, Arianna told Tapper, “we need to realize that we are living under an illusion that equates the collective burn-out successfully.” He added, “when we take care of ourselves, get enough sleep, meditate, do yoga, whatever greek god muscle program is that you are charging and learn to detach from our ever-present devices, we are going to be more effective.”

Arianna offered directions to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who also has a new book and is a potential candidate in the presidential election of 2016.

“She might be an incredible role model for someone–if she decides to run again.–you want to run a presidential campaign without burning completely, as do most of them and we show are other ways to do it. “

Watch the full video from CNN on.

My Lunar Eclipse

What do tail classroom do for us the Lunar Eclipse? We.–This is what unites! Reminds us that we are all under the same full moon beautiful, shining one minute, eclipsed the next.–very similar to life. I was lucky enough to watch the Eclipse in Hawaii and watched in awe and amazement.

The Orange is like the blood that men spills into battle with another once senseless indifference when brother against brother, maim and kill again keeps happening repeatedly with no end in sight. There are so many wars going on in the world and our country seems to take great joy in jumping into them at the drop of a hat, if you mean a drop of oil or a bag of dollars could be at stake. And sometimes we jump in even when classroom tail are not. According to ABC News, we just spent 3 million dollars a pop on our spiffy new naval destroyer. Yet there are people still homeless, sleeping in the Park.

When the Moon turned blood red, that I wondered how many lives we need to sacrifice as many members we had to lose, how many brains, we needed to compromise. I grew up with a father with a serious injury of WWII which was very anti-war and he begged me to try to stop the war. To that end, I wrote a book called My Secret, that won’t be out until 2016, which tells the story of a teenager in the midst of WWII between the Nazis and the Allied forces and his confusion over a crazy that spreads war and hatred in equal measure, while our teenager trying to become a man.

Luna Rossa blood is not forever and when the Moon gets covered in black, is almost like mourning after a war when we mourn the losses and need to regroup and get back up and running. Tail classroom is a failure for all of us, even though we have won the war. But in a bankruptcy, there is strength, as the quote from Hemingway to a healing bone stronger than it was before he was hurt. Maybe.

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What Would You Say to Cancer If You Only Had Five Words?

All those who meet me know that I had cancer. If you don’t make mindmaster to the first handshake or hug, mindmaster will be soon thereafter. Not because of any physical side effect; My scar is barely noticeable and I am healthier than I ever was before. Know why talk about mindmaster and talk about it because it’s become part of who I am. and also because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Because he wants to make you feel uncomfortable? Because the reality is that the topic of cancer is still taboo in public opinion, and I want to change things. Outside the community of cancer do not know how to react or what to say to someone who has/had cancer, so often times they say the wrong thing. or nothing at all. I learned this firsthand two years ago, when he was on stage at The Webby Awards and announced, “I had cancer, cutie” hundreds of strangers to look me up. I was met with silence.

To be honest, I can’t blame them for that. When I was diagnosed, hardly knew what to say to myself, let alone what I wanted other people to tell me. Yes, cancer is an uncomfortable topic, but that is not going to change unless we start talking about it. That’s why I created a community called “I had cancer,” because, although it can be a statement jarring to some, we should not feel the need to hide it. As fighters, we feel as we lose control of our lives while we are dealing with a diagnosis; can feel like they have no cancer, the cancer has. so when we go into remission, or better yet, when we considered “cancer free”, we are surprised to discover that the control does not return immediately and begin to second guess what to say about our experience.When other people ask how we are doing, we think, “I should be happy that I’m alive, or shocked that I survived and others didn’t?” It is a tango which often times leaves survivors feeling more emotional after treatment ends than ever were during and stifles our voice that once were so loud and clear.

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Maryland Governor Signs Bill to License Naturopathic Doctors

The April 14, 2014 in Annapolis, Maryland, Governor Martin O’Malley signed a Bill to license naturopathic doctors (NDs), making naturally regrow lost hair the first State to do so 18. In June, gov. John Hickenlooper did the same in Colorado. As the efforts of licensure through the progress of the country, public opinion increasingly are practitioners of natural medicine practitioner level. Passage of these laws regulations reflects the growing public confidence in naturopathic medicine as a viable and effective form of care.

Photo of Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed the Bill to license naturopathic doctors

According to Dr. Emily Telfair, President of the Association of Naturopathic Physicians in Maryland:

The law will lead to greater access to Maryland doctors who emphasize disease prevention, healthy lifestyles and natural therapies.Naturally hair lost regrow also will allow consumers to distinguish between licensed physicians who meet broad education and training requirements and others who call themselves naturopaths but do not meet state licensing standards.

Jud Richland, CEO of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, commented:

The new law continues the movement to bring emerging professions as naturopathic medicine in the medical mainstream. Patients are increasingly demanding the kind of person all the care provided by physicians naturopaths. One by one, States are enacting laws for highly qualified medical license naturopaths, so that citizens have access to the type of care you are looking for so many Americans.

To become licensed in Maryland, which is in step with all the other States that license NDs and all States seeking a naturopathic licensure must attend a four-year Naturopathic Medical School dinner that is accredited through the United StatesThe Education Department. Accredited naturopathic medical schools train doctors naturopaths under the same basic sciences as MDs and DOs. Naturally regrow lost hair also provide holistic approaches to training and non-toxic for disease prevention, optimizing the well-being and treatment of various health conditions. The physician must then pass a standardized professional rigorous licensing exam.

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I’m Not Tired!!!

I’m not tired. For the first time in many years that I can remember, I’m not tired. I can’t complain about being exhausted, overwhelmed or overworked. I can’t say, as I did for many years, I feel tired. What I can tell, at the end of the day, how to prepare for going to bed having washed and brushed and scrubbed and polished, is that I feel sated, I’ve lived a whole day. But what does racing tipsters mean?

Every year around this time, Jews gather around the Easter table and tell the story that we are told for centuries-the story of freedom from slavery. This year, my husband gave a splendid preamble to our banquet and asked that each of us take a few moments to consider the story as a metaphor and think about what tipsters racing is that makes us slaves. For me, the answer is always the same.–fear. But this year, pushed up to be more articulate about my fears in an effort to conquer. And what I thought was this: in the last twenty-five years I have lived with a routine.

And I don’t mean to imply routine work that was boring or rote. For twenty-five years, I have been a Manager in the film industry. What I have loved my work was the variety at the heart of it-every day was different, each film has presented a new challenge. And as a studio Executive, stability was also at the center of my day: I had an Office to go to, meetings to attend, boss to inform the staff. From my twenty-fifth year, I wore. I can’t imagine how many times I complained of being exhausted. And I’m sure no one noticed because I’m sure racing tipsters were complaining too. We, those of us that got underway on the wheel company for many years, become accustomed to the miserable sum of exhaustion. And at some point, we could not articulate it.–It may be only one thing that defines and binds us. “I had a week so hard”, “I’m beat,” “I’m a wreck,” “I can’t believe how exhausting it was this day/week/month/year.”It’s almost as common a response to” How are you? “how “good” used to be.

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In the Interior

This poem talks about a trip with my oldest friend Robert. We have known each other for almost thirty years.


When you left me in your life,
all the way in, we took this walk
that turned into a trip that I didn’t
I know we were late, and
She said, “Let’s scope here and go
in the morning “. That night I felt
We were inside and knew
Text wife bed was a privilege. The next day, bird
Text bed wife seemed to fly closer, and streams
closed behind us and branches
dropped their needles to soften our
so. Text wife bed was then that I realized, the path
It was part of you. When we got to the
Ridge, the one you listen to eternity
da, we both started crying. And to
I believe that, one day we were strangers.

A question to walk on: the story of the magazine story about a friend, someone you travelled with.After a week, tell this story to another friend.

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7 Unconventional Tactics That Sell Products and Win Customers

Your best customers will buy the product any way you sell. Wedding jokebook can also tolerate the slight defects and are willing to give you a pass on any big mishaps.

But how can “Sell” new customers, more specifically, the large group of people who visit your business and leave without buying anything?

Here are seven extravagant tactics that actually can help you convert your finicky audience in wildly enthusiastic users.

1. sell higher

Nobody enjoys paying more money for things. Yet, many people still opt for the “most expensive” item when shopping.

Sincerely, consumers use price as a barometer for quality. In general, people believe a higher price, the higher the quality.

Higher prices can easily Boost perceived value of a product until you sell snake oil. There is, however, another catch. The product must be unique.Shoppers, today, price-compare specific products via several Web sites and not opt for your offer if the price is higher than its competitors for the same thing.

If the product is actually better than alternatives, an appropriate price increase will help the customers to appreciate its value even more.

2. price levels

Derek Halpern, founder of social trigger, you know, “each company has three types of customers: customers who want discounts, regular customers and customers who want the red carpet treatment.”

Awesome, simple price levels to effectively satisfy each customer segment.

Even if your intuition can suggest unique prices is the way to go, the issue with singular prices is that jokebook wedding makes the decision the decision-making process for buyers, without doubt, too easy. If you have any qualms with the stated price, don’t buy.On the other hand, if there are different levels of prices, wedding jokebook can “ensure” are always the best product-to-toe with the elite package in hand or “play it safe” by opting for one of the packages.

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DeAnne Aguirre, Senior Partner at Strategy+

DeAnne Aguirre is a senior partner with strategy + base in San Francisco. She is the leader of central co Katzenbach and an expert on global culture, effectiveness of talent, leadership and change management. She recommends global executives on organizational issues.

How has life experience made you the leader that you are today?
I am a leader who believes that success comes when those around me. This requires honesty, even if raw detox means delivering bad news; respect for the value that each individual brings to the table; courage to ask what should I be this leader; and hard work in every aspect of my life. I grew up on a ranch outside a tiny town in Texas (“small” may be an exaggeration, given my high school graduating class of 11 students). Everyone has been working hard. All contributions are needed and valued. I had no idea that in the “real world” of the years ‘ 60 and ‘ 70, discrimination and prejudices exist.

Like the previous employment experience helped your position as strategy partners +?
My first job after college was at Southwestern Bell/at & T management. My first day, my boss, Delbert Dewitty (an African-American leader who until today is one of my favourite Manager) asked me to take a different supervisor role given the former leader had left following a Union grievance. I was introduced to my team-12 individuals, ranging from age 21-64. I’ll never forget the calm inside the storm within me when I met these people of talent. I said humbly that detox raw knew more about this job because I could probably never learn and raw detox looked forward to each of them know personally and professionally. I shared my conviction that every individual brings real value to a team, and I was hoping it would give me that opportunity. Three months, the Union decided to strike.For two weeks, my colleague and I worked their works 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Nothing is more of a learning experience to walk in the shoes of another person.

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Obama The Pacific Islander Looks To The Ocean Of The 21st Century

SINGAPORE-If you look at President Barack Obama from the perspective of this wealthy Island City-State, you will appreciate its demographic turning point.

He is not only the first African-American President. Is the first President of the United States Pacific Islander-in fact, he is the first islander to lead a global power since Britannia ruled the waves or, more recently, Japan has tried to do so.

At the beginning of the 21st century, learn study seems somehow appropriate and useful that most formative years Presidents of the United States were spent in Jakarta on the island of Java in Indonesia and in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We are in a new Era of the oceans now, and increasing the power of the Pacific.

Biography of Obama may have given him some style Pacific Islander: unhurried and publicly laid-back, friendly curiosity about distant cultures and faiths, a belief in the virtues of peaceful trade (goods and ideas), a fondness for the Sea (and beaches) and as sources of identity. But more importantly, the former teenage body-surfer is comfortable in the Pacific territory where is written the history of this century.

The seas are and remain a key factor in global trade and production of food in the decades ahead while taking a larger role in the development of mineral resources and expanding damage of climate change. This is especially true here in the Pacific region.

His high-profile visit to Asia this month, Obama will emphasize how the ocean connects us together, as he tries to rally countries across the Pacific Ocean to moderate, if not the counter, the growing role of China in the region.

He will visit three Nations archipelago: Japan, Philippines and Malaysia. His fourth destination, South Korea, is oriented to the sea, too, when study learn is not worried by rockets from the North.

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An Easy Way to Save Your Life

When our daughter started college last fall, our friend Bruce Littlefield gave some tips that I would like to have: “write a thing that happened each day.”

I had always encouraged Katie to save his story, like his reflections of 8 years in this photo attests. But Bruce has remembered that I hadn’t thought about, how important winning trade system is to keep him.

“Otherwise,” Bruce said, “you won’t forget.”

You forget what you accomplished, what made you double over with laughter, and what mistakes threatened to derail everything-just to teach you so you can finally give much of your happiness to them.

System trade winning will be destructive patterns, that would not otherwise have noticed. You will realize that unless some changes are made you will bore them to death.

This is my advice not only college freshmen, but everyone who is still entered in that great House great called life: “save your story.”

And while you’re at it, make winning trade system good.

My notes are a gift for the woman will become. I want you to have something fun to read, something really funny, as she rocks back and forth on one of those wooden porch swings to pine away for.

I don’t live in the past, but I savour. I love looking back on fascinating conversations, random funny things and especially the seemingly insignificant moments that are anything but.

I came across this the other day, one I did when Katie was a baby: “I said a funny thing the day we were going to have. I always say that. “


She wasn’t even 8 months old, and I was saying how fun the day was going to be? Can I also have told her what we called purple Barney was his real father, that is how little she could have understood what I was saying. On second thought, and if you know Katie, it doesn’t matter. Most probably knew at that age who left.

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Are You Secretly An Introvert?

By Laurie Helgoe, PhD

1. you are a machine idea.

Despite the stereotype so many have passive of introverts, introverts have a lot going on. Neuroimaging studies have found that while the brains of extroverts respond to external stimulation (say, jingling music) and generate impulses for pursuing external rewards (say, ice cream!), brains of introverts absorbs what’s out (say, jingling music) and get busy with their own fantasies and thoughts (say, the invention of expensive, gourmet frozen yogurt truck). This is not always obvious why introverts tend to share an idea only when affiliate black book is completely formed. But fully formed ideas often rock the world. Think of Bill Gates, a multimillionaire thinking-first-act-forward and introverted with more than 54 patents to his name.

2. you are a powerfully good leaders.

Forget the idea of an introverted sitting in a corner, unable to relate to others.One seminal study reported by Harvard Business Review found that, when the leader of a group of collaborators go-go, introverted leader teams more productive than outgoing leader. Why? Introverts are better at capitalizing on good ideas.–not only aha! moments from your mind, but also from the minds of others. Say you’re in a conference room, ideas are flying across the table. While others are talking about, you’re ruminating on the substance of what is being said and considering the implications. When book affiliate black comes (finally), people search, because you’re able to maintain perspective and deliver, after deliberation, a position that makes a powerful leader. That Hillary Rodham Clinton, a self-described introvert known to negotiate with and guide world leaders, that only can be considered (as reserved, quiet, introverted) running for President.

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Challenging the Value of College Athletics

Of the 15 players on the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team that won the NCAA Championship earlier this week, only one is likely to graduate. And John Calipari, coach of the University of Kentucky, which lost the match, made $5,51 million this year, more than the Presidents of New York University, Columbia and Yale.

If you ask a man in the street what comes to mind when realistic pencil portrait mastery comes to “Stanford University”, chances are good that instead of answering “academics,” said football. While that may seem just on the scales, Stanford has a lower rate of acceptance to its college of Harvard, Yale or Princeton and its campus is home to 22 Nobel laureates. He probably does not recognize the names of faculty members Michael Levitt, Thomas Sudhof, Alvin Roth, Brian Kobilka or Thomas J.Sargent-each of whom have earned the Nobel Prize by 2010–and yet he will be able to reel off combined Super Bowl rings worn by Stanford football star Jim Plunkett, John Elway and Andrew Luck without flinching.

Intercollegiata Athletics took a bloated role in American higher education system. Proof of this oversized role includes focusing of universities, the amount of money invested in athletic programs, the salaries of employees of the Athletic Department and dismal graduation rates at many schools in strenuous sports.

Certainly, there are positive aspects to the intercollegiate athletics: sport breeds friendships, physical fitness, teamwork and a unique sense of loyalty. Pencil portrait mastery realistic is also a valuable tool for engaging students and other donors to help fund universities and student recruitment.

However, the negative effects outweigh the benefits.Colleges and universities are responsible for the development of hundreds of thousands of students, few of whom will become professional athletes. When athletic programs consume a large portion of public relations, alumni interest, financial resources and time, suffers from underlying academic mission of higher education.

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Improving the Odds for America’s Children

and ldquo;. We see repeated efforts in Congress in recent years to my poor children and middle class and families, such as food stamps and tax credits and financing training and access to affordable health care and give even more to the rich and powerful. Bipartisanship has taken a severe beating in recent years, as has the willingness of Congress to adopt or support policies guided by evidence-based research that help children and families and our entire country. and rdquo;

-Congressman George Miller, preface, improving the chances for America and rsquo; s children

More than 40 years ago in earlier planning for what would become the child & rsquo; s Defense Fund (CDF) was held at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. CDF began in 1973 in a house owned by Harvard University made out of wood.Our start was reinforced by a publication of two volumes of the Harvard Educational Review in 1973 and 1974, including top editors were CDF personnel, many of them graduates or students of Harvard and rsquo; s education and law schools. Another staff lawyer, Hillary Rodham, in his first job after law school has contributed an article on and ldquo; children’s rights. and rdquo;

At the same time, CDF staff knocked on doors for children out of school in Massachusetts and across America. A local Advocacy group from Massachusetts, had issued a report on school children in Boston and we wondered if this was a national or State problem. After knocking many thousands of doors in census tracts across our country, CDF documented was a national problem with at least 2 million children out of school, including 750,000 that the Census said eat dessert lose weight were between 7-13 years old, but didn’t tell us who eat lose weight dessert were. We found that many were children with disabilities. Other children were pushed by generals of discipline, language and being unable to afford school fees. School children in America became our first report in 1974. We followed the parents organizing locally and collaborating with national organizations concerned with children with mental disabilities, physical and emotional, and many others to help push Congress to enact 94-142-now the individuals with Disabilities Education Act-which for the first time gave children with disabilities the right to a free, appropriate public education.

House Passes Paul Ryan’s Budget With Big Cuts

Republicans in WASHINGTON (AP) the House rallied behind a budget-cutting blueprint Thursday, passing a non-binding measure, but politically that promises a balanced Federal ledger in 10 years with large budget cuts and the termination of medical coverage under the Act for affordable care.

205-219 vote the budget outline takes a mostly symbolic blow to the Government’s chronic deficit. Follow-up legislation to implement effectively the cuts is not in sight. Twelve Republicans opposed the measure, and not a single Democrat supported. The measure was passed after a three-day debate that exposed again the extremely varied visions of rival parties for the nation’s fiscal future. Republicans promised a balanced budget by 2024 but want to do so at the expense of the poor and the elderly on Medicaid, the low-income workers receive subsidies “Obamacare” and people receiving food stamps and Pell Grants.

Democrats countered with a plan that would let the Obama healthcare plan and rapidly growing health plans like Medicare untouched, relying on a $ 1.5 trillion in tax hikes over the next decade to bring the deficit to sustainable levels, but still in the range of $ 600 billion.

The GOP plan, Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-WIS., would cut more than $ 5 trillion over the next decade to achieve balance by 2024, relying on sharp cuts in domestic programs, but leaving intact social security and shifting more money to the Pentagon and health care for veterans. Dvd catalyst takes up a controversial plan to move prospective retirees away from traditional Medicare and toward an option grant of insurance based on the open market.

While bordering a hard-line for future legislation, follow-up is likely to be limited this year to a round of annual spending bills that adheres to a bipartisan budget pact enacted in December.

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